Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tomorrow is 4 months till the big day!

Blogging from PE! Our "holiday" here is already halfway, can't believe it! Wedding plans are going OK, on Sat we found my sister a bridesmaid's dress, beautiful! Also met with the organist from church on Sunday to discuss the music for the ceremony. Yesterday we met up with the photographer, as well as my friend and her dad who are doing my flowers. Today Chris and I are seeing the church minister. Then on Thursday we have to decide on a cake, and see some flower distributer people etc. Phew... I DEFINITELY wasn't meant to be a wedding planner!!!!!

News on Trevor Gird: He took a turn for the worse in last week, and they have given him a Berlin heart. He's on the waiting list again for a new heart. The poor guy's been through SO MUCH in the last 2 months! I pray that he gets his new heart SOON!!!! It just makes me realise how short and unpredictable life is, and how lucky I am.

Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun planning your wedding Alice! Before you know it the big day will be here. It flies by in an instant so enjoy every moment as it happens :-)

Kim in Ontario