Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LOTS of happenings!!!!

Wow, been a while since I've blogged! Quite a bit has happened. For one, I passed my 27 month lungaversary, whoohoo!!!

Also had some minor surgery yesterday. Been having some gynaecological issues for more than a year now (aggravated by my anti rejection meds which suppresses my imune system meaning my body doesnt want to heal itself like it should), so had my cervix cauterised and she also did more biopsies, just to make sure nothing serious is wrong. So should be getting results back later in the week. Wasn't too stressed about the surgery, I've had worse surgery after all, just hope the problem gets sorted out now! Was a bit worried about my new lungs and being under general , but there was no problem :-) With my old lungs it would've been too risky to do the procedure. So all went well, and no pain, yay.

Chris and I had some crappy news about moving into our new place... the sellers can only move into THEIR new place on the 14th of May, so he can only move in on the 15th. But the new tennants for his current place are moving in on the 1st... so my poor fiance is homeless for 2 weeks :-( At least the sellers have been really great, saying he can bring his furniture over on the 1st and store it in the study, so he'll just have to sleep over at friends' place for those 2 weeks. My room's also looking like a storage room, with some of the stuff we've bought, things I've bought up from PE on our last trip, some of Chris's stuff etc... can't WAIT FOR THE 15TH!!!!!

Work's been extremely tense and stresfull, thank goodness this week's only 3 days long (yesterday was sick leave and today's a public holiday). Also just been getting into the gymming thing again, but not allowed to gym for a week unfortunately... gives me time to study, writing an exam on the 7th of June or somewhere around that date.

Busy making wedding invites today and watching Chris pack... what a life. Hope you week's been good so far! Please continue to pray for Trevor, last I heard he's on a trachi (spelling) which is a ventilator through your throat which enables you to talk and eat, and that he's eating, which is good.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Allie!
Hoop die uitslae bring goeie nuus.
Mis jou regtig baie!
Baie liefde,