Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend and stuff

The weekend was OK, had transplant network meeting of Sat morning, was nice to see some old faces again! Sat afternoon, Chris and I stumbled upon an awesome furniture bargain... we were going to a specific furniture store, just to get there too late and they'd closed already. So then we saw a new store had opened right next to it and was still open. We saw this really nice couch, chocolate leather, and when asking how much it was, we found out the whole set (3 seater, 2 seater and 1 seater) was going for half-price! Opening special :-) So... we've got couches!!!

Sat evening we went to the movies with Andrew, saw Outrageous, a South African stand-up comedy movie... was really good!!! Haven't laughed like that in a while! Sunday we went shopping for one of my flower-girls' dresses! She looks so cute in it, and loving it of course!

This week got off to a very busy start, although not unexpectedly though! The day just flew past, and tomorrow might even be worse. Got to go to gym afterwards which was great, just feeling a tad unfit :-( Might go for a swim tomorrow.

On a serious note... Trevor is still strugling and waiting for a new donor heart. I really really really hope and pray he gets one!!! The whole episode's made me rather anxious... we got our transplants on the same day, now he needs a new one... if I needed another transplant I can't get one.. (too few donors for lungs here, they don't do re-transplants) unless I go overseas or something. But the point is it's been scary. And feeling anxious makes it feel like I'm breathing faster.. not a good combination! Then I get scared that my lungs might also reject... that's when going to the gym or having lung functions done helps at least, makes me realise it's in my mind! So all in all I've been very aware of how fragile life is, and trying not to freak out about it. Doesn't help with my sleeping either!

Hopefully the rest of the week goes smoothly, and all the organising surrounding moving on the 1st of May (well Chris will be moving in, but it's setting up OUR home :-)... gets sorted out without any hassles! Too tired for hassles!!! Have a good week!


cindy baldwin said...

Alice, it has been awhile since I stopped by your blog... CONGRATS ON THE ENGAGEMENT! That is so exciting! I am just thrilled for you. And awesome FEV1 scores!

Anonymous said...

Foto's van meubels!?

Jac said...

hey, i completely understand about the anxiety. I get very anxious whenever my health seems a bit unstable and to hear of your good friend must be very scary. I suppose all we can do is take each day and always hope for the future - no one knows how long each of us has and we don't want to spend it worrying. Easier said than done I know. Wishing Trevor all the best. Also hope you enjoy all your wedding and home plans and can enjoy the excitement! xx