Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Halfway through the week!

Wednesday, yay! Not too much to report on... week back at work's been off to a rough start! But what's new, lol... had my 3-monthly lung function tests done... 100% FEV1% :-D Not really sure how it measures to my 101% from last time though, because they've got a new machine! And the readings sometimes differ a bit. But anyway, next time I'll have some thing to measure against again!

Just 2 more weekends till Chris moves into our new place!!!! Bought a vacuum cleaner and some other cleaning stuffs over the weekend, so on 1 May it's CLEANING TIME!!! Spring cleaning in Autumn or something! Can't wait!

Trevor is doing a bit better it seems, waiting for a new heart after getting a Berlin Heart a week and a half ago. Please pray that he gets a new heart again SOON!!!!

Need to get back to gym SERIOUSLY!!! Didn't gym last week in PE, and before that that I only went once after I hurt my foot. And on Monday I got my flu shot (normally dont exercise 2 days afterwards). So... TOMORROW IS THE DAY! Gymming after work, and then swimming sometime during the weekend.

Hope yours was a good week!

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Debbie @ Happy Maker said...

Alice a you are great. Life can throw some really tough stuff at us, but it sounds like you are really great. Thank you for sharing.