Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thank GOODNESS it's FRIDAY tomorrow!!!

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!! I knew it was going to be a rough one, but not THIS rough! It started on Sat evening... We went to a braai with friends, and when we wanted to leave, close to midnight, Chris's car battery was DEAD. So we had to wait for Volkswagen Assist to come rescue us (jumpstart), and then we had to drive home with no power-steering or ABS... subsequently the whole Sunday morning was spent finding and fitting a new car battery for his car, which is not such an easy task with it being a SUNDAY.

When we finally had that sorted and after watching F1, we decided to go to gym for a swim. As I stepped out the door, I was such an idiot and I stepped skew on our doormat and fell... how blond. I figured it's not THAT sore, so went to gym anyway... not the best idea!!!!! Later that night my foot really started getting sore, and during the night it was REALLY PAINFULL. So Monday morning first thing my dad took me to casualty. LUCKILY nothing was broken (was scared of that with my bad bone density due to years of drinking prednisone), only hurt a ligament. They bandaged my foot up tightly, and gave me CRUTCHES :-(

Foot a lot better now, not sore anymore and I can kind of step on it, but have to use the crutches for a week, going back to casualty on Monday to have it checked out again. Hopefully it's all fine! Never realised how hard it is walking on crutches, my left leg is so stiff, and my hands are so sore from pushing down on them. Will appreciate my foot when it's in full use again! Thanks goodness I never needed crutches with my old lungs, I would NEVER have managed.

On Tuesday we signed transfer documents and tax stuff for the house, very exciting! We also went out for supper with Andrew (close friend who moved to JHB this month from PE). Yesterday I shared my personal story on organ donation to a big bunch of WITS University medical students, which was cool, apart from struggling around on campus with my crutches and feeling like such a clumsy idiot! Also had church cell last night.

Tomorrow is going to be CRAZY at work, have a deadline and lots of stuff to do, especially since Monday is a public holiday (Freedom Day?). BUT, Antoinette, my friend who updated this blog for me when I had my tx, will be coming to visit for the long weekend! So excited! Bummed that I won't be able to be majorly active physically, but sure we'll figure something out!
Have a great weekend! I'll have to take some pics again for a change!


Lovin Lane said...

That Sucks, hope it heals really fast and really well... Yes we never realize how difficult it is to get around without all working limbs until we have to go without.... Its hard.... :)

Sarah said...

Hope your foot gets better fast.