Tuesday, July 27, 2010

11 DAYS!!!!

Yup, only 11 days to go... wow... Had an absolutely awesome weekend. Friday I drove through to Pretoria for a SATSA (South Africa Transplant Sports Assocc) meeting, and slept over at my grandad's house. Was nice spending some time there. On Sat I picked up my dress, and took ring in to be cleaned and polished. After that had lunch with Jenny and Aviva, which was YUMMY, and such a cute place I'll def be taking my sister/mom/friends there! Afterwards I was COMPLETELY SUPRISED with a spa pampering right next door! Had VERY NICE facial and pedicure (first pedicure ever!). So have very pretty toes now, just a pitty I'm wearing winter shoes!

On Sunday was the 8km Walk the Talk, which was fun. I could the feel my right foot that I hurt earlier this year get tired/sore quicker, but was fine once the walk was done. Felt like we walked almost 2km both ways just to get from the parking to starting line, so def did more that 11 km or so!!!! I remember when the 6 min walk test I had to do for my work-up and follow up was too much for me, and I couldn't even complete the 6 minutes of slow walking without oxygen, bailing out to my O2 and wheelchair. Stupid bad CF lungs. Thank goodness I'm rid of you!

Work-wise it's extremely tough right now. Working from 7 to 5, only getting up to eat and go to bathroom, and still feels like I'm behind. Just have SO MUCH to do and trying to get certain stuff done before I go on leave... because in a week's time I'll be in PE!!!!!!!

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