Friday, January 28, 2011

Mandela, kittens and yay it's weekend!!!!!

Quite an eventful week! Nelson Mandela has been sick and it's been dominating the news. Luckily he's at home now recovering! He was in Milpark Hospital, which is my hosp. Good to know I go the best hosp in the country! Unfortunately I also had to go for bloods this morning, because I have my 3-year check up on Monday. The street outside the hospital was CRAZY. There's also a school next to the hosp, so when I went there at 7am, it was just cars and kids and TV crews EVERYWHERE. What a madhouse! When I got to the entrance, my car had to be searched for camera's or whatever to make sure I'm not a journalist. Felt pretty good being allowed in with all the TV people stuck outside staring! There was a press conference at 12h30 today, where they said he's OK and being discharged etc, and they thanked the staff and Drs that looked after him, even my Dr :-) Was a proud moment! OH, and just got inside info from fellow CFer in hosp: my physio ALSO treated him! (although I know she has done previously) I really do get the best medical care! In other news: we've been having so much fun with the kittens!!!!! THEY'RE TOOOO CUTE!!!! And so sweet! They follow us everywhere we go. They're pretty good too, potty trained, haven't had an accident in the house yet! They're also fine with going to bed in their own room at night and sleep right through, so we haven't missed any sleep! Just love them to bits.

My mom's up here again this weekend, so we'll be having supper there tomorrow night, and on Sunday we're going to some or other country market for brunch! So looking forward to another good weekend! Oh and also want to try and visit some friends in hosp.

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pilou said...

Amazing coincidence! I have enjoyed and read your blog ever since I discovered it. Thank you and best of luck