Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nationals 2014!

So the National Transplant Games for this year is done and dusted! It was yet again bigger than in any previous year and a great success I think. Venues were BEAUTIFUL. Very glad I took part even though I couldn't do my "normal" events. Was so motivating seeing everyone again and meeting new and inspiring people once again. These people really are family!!!!

The petanque went really well and I won my game 13-4. It was loads of fun. Afterwards we went to support the Tenpin Bowling and had some drinks with our close friends from East London Robyn and Vaughn. On Sat I was an idiot and couldn't read the schedule of events properly... I confused the time that the men's shot put took place with the time for the women... and missed my event :-( Was so upset as I had especially gone for coaching to learn how to do this. I did however do the discuss but it didn't go very well! Was nice doing something new though.

Anna and Casey joined for the Gala Dinner which was very special! We are now staying with them in Glencairn until Wednesday and having SO MUCH FUN... But will post about that later! Also got to see Louzanne briefly which is always a bonus!!

P.S. Happy birthday to by friend Antoinette today!!!!! Welcome to 30!

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