Friday, October 10, 2014

Safely in CT!

We arrived safely on Wednesday evening! The drive was good! I even took over for a decent stretch and even more surprisingly Chris was able to relax during that time! Drove past some stunning scenery (this was my first trip via car from Joburg to CT) and the 2 pics below were prob the best ones I managed to get while Chris was on driving duty.

Yesterday we had a quick get-together ahead of schedule with my CF lung-twin and her hubby from California (Anna and Casey) and did a quick tour of the Castle (minus the dodgy scary dungeon where I think I got pseudomonas about 9 yrs ago!). Was so great seeing them again and I can't wait for Sunday when we will be spending a few days as tourists with them! Already have a Robben Island tour booked and hopefully on Monday we can do Table Mountain. Chris and I also went for a quick lunch in Kloof Str in the CBD.

After that we registered for the Games, caught up with old friends, had the SATSA AGM, and then went out for a rather disappointing supper at Cape Town Fish Market in the Waterfront. Service in CT is not as good as in Joburg and the 3 people who didn't eat fish were very disappointed with their steaks and chicken. I was the lucky one who ordered a prawn salad so mine was fine!

Today I participate in petanque from 12h00 onwards at Paarl Valley Estate. Should be loads of fun. Wish me luck!

P.S. check out my new age group on the pic below!!!!

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