Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cape Town Family

We are back safely in Joburg!!!! The drive back went very well, just TIRED today. Had my hair done this morning, and then had lung check-up. Check-up was pretty standard... lung function has dropped by 1%, now 47% FEV1% and FVC of 90% I think. Were given same "instructions" as usual, keep my weight up (where it is now), keep my blood glucose in check, basically need to make sure nothing else is wrong with me. Oh and tomorrow is 6 years 9 months with them breathers.

So the last bit of the visit to Cape Town was great, saw my Cape Town besties Louzanne and Carli! On Sunday we celebrated my mom in law's 60th birthday with AMAZINNNNGGGG food, sun, and great company. Some pics below of all of the above!

Tomorrow is back to work :-( The first day back is always the hardest... ugh. Not feeling rested enough yet!

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