Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bye bye old car :-(

So after 6 years 7 months with my little charcoal Peugeot 107 the time has come to say goodbye. I had a deep connection with the car because when I got her it was almost a turning point after transplant... INDEPENDENCE! I got him about 3 months post tx from my parents, and it is with him that I started exploring Joburg, dropping off my CV at accounting firms, meeting media people for interviews, doing shopping..... just being normal. I drove about 75,000km in her. And it was a fast 75,000km! I pushed her to her limits :-p Going to miss her!!!!

Reason for letting go is... I have bought my sister's car from her.... a white Peugoet 107!!! Even though it's the same car, it has much nicer features than mine, is much younger and has much less km on the clock! Will post a pic with the newbie later...


Ross Adkins said...
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Ross Adkins said...

We really need to accept that everything is temporary and that there will come a time that we'll need to replace them. Buying a new car, but the same model as your old one is just like driving your old car in a new fashion. In any way, I'm glad to hear how happy you are to own a new white Peugoet 107 that you bought from your sister. Thanks for sharing that, Alice! All the best to you! :)

Ross Adkins @ Bulls Eye Auto Glass