Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lung func report-back

Yesterday's check-up went well. Lung func very stable... FEV1% was up 1% to 48% (first time in over 2 years that is has been UP by anything at all), FVC (lung capacity) is 91%. Bloods were great. X-ray showed nothing new, just the usual hyperinflation apparently. Weight down a bit so need to eat more. My next appointment will be the day before my 7 year lungaversary.... 21 Jan! So no more Drs for the rest of the year.

This week was completely non-eventful, and next week is month-end so also just a case of going to work and then home. Maybe gym once or twice. Meh.... Just looking forward to the 10th when I'm having my mini varsity reunion with 4 friends in Cape Town for 4 days.

ALSO heard that my PE friend Antoinette is coming from 26 Dec to 1 Jan, which will be GREAT.

So lots to look forward to in Dec once the first week of it is over!

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