Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sad news and lots of Organ Donation awareness

If you are friends with me Facebook you would have seen that Dave passed away on Tuesday morning. Only 45 days post transplant. SO SAD for his family, friends and all the medical people involved. NOT FAIR and a bad week for transplant.

I've had a busy week... Monday I went to gym, Tuesday after work I attended a Motivational Meet-Up organised by McNabs. It was SOOOOO interesting and inspiring. The speaker was Stephanie Vermeulen, author of the book EQ (of which we received a complimentary copy!). She spoke about the energy behind emotions and mentioned some profound truths. Very glad I could attend.

After that I went straight to Power FM's studio and was part of a panel speaking about organ donation. What an experience! I was joined by Kelly Du Plessis from Rare Diseases SA and Mosa Mphore, kidney recipient and founder of Open Eye Foundation. We were on air for an hour, and it was very interesting! You can listen to it here if you want to. Most of the callers were supportive and I hope it's a good sign for things to come.

Today I worked half-day and attended a media launch of a new facebook app to promote organ donation in SA called #save7. You nominate 7 friends that you would "save" by becoming an organ  donor, and those 7 friends then also have the option of signing up as organ donors and nominating 7 friends in return. The launch was at SPUR in Gallo Manor, as SPUR is the sponsor of this initiative. The founder of SPUR spoke and demonstrated how the app will work, and I along with a few others did a short talk. They also showed two short recordings of Jenna Lowe who started this drive in her desperation to get lungs. Afterwards there were a few interviews and some mingling. Very cool and LOVE doing stuff like this!

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