Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gym and week

This week has been going surprisingly well. Month-End has been very good so far (touch wood), and I've left work at my normal time. It may still change tomorrow and Friday but so far so good. This also means I've had time for admin and domestic stuff, and even went to gym today.

I've been feeling rather unmotivated for gym as the Nationals is over now, so that is not driving me anymore. Plus going to gym reminds me that lung function is not 100% anymore, but 47%. I'm also not trying to lose weight so THAT is also not a motivator either. I need to get my mind-set right again and realise that as lungs get worse, it's important for body to stay as strong as possible. So need to be strict with myself! I'm going for a Vitality Fitness Assessment tomorrow so hopefully that might help with the motivation as well.... somehow....

On a more exciting note, I've been asked to do short speech at the launch of a new Organ Donor Foundation campaign on the 13th. Don't know all the details yet but glad to be able to do something like this that I love. It inspires me!

Oh and pic below was taken on the way to work earlier this week. Pretty sunrise after rainy night

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