Sunday, November 9, 2014

unfairness and weekend

On the 26th of Sept (Chris's birthday) one of the local CF guys, Dave, got lungs. I was sooo happy for him when he posted his selfie of facebook saying "see you on the other side". Lungs are SOOO HARD to come by in this country and when someone gets that call it's like winning the lottery. Dave has had a VERY bumpy ride, with LOTS of ups and downs. He has a great facebook group which posts updates twice a day. So after following his journey closely since transplant, the below update was posted today.... (I did ask permission to share!) So if you are religious PLEASE pray for a miracle... My heart is so sad about this.

I feel like I had the easiest recovery in the world and I cannot even imagine what he has been going through when he is awake. It is not fair :-(

The rest of my weekend has been good... was spoiled by hubby on Friday eve with flowers, fillet steak, Caramel salted ice-cream.... just amazing eve! Yesterday we had a Gauteng Transplant Sports meeting, and in the afternoon I went shopping with my sis (I managed not to spend much or buy any clothes... yay). This morning we went for an early breakfast with her and Pierre at The Whippet which I've always wanted to try, and had a braai for lunch. Also did gardening and other stuff around the house. So all in all a good weekend.

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Sherry Boyle said...

Lifting Dave up in prayer. Yes, life is not fair, as you surely know. Yet Jesus conquered sin and death, and if we live our earthly lives for Him, He will be there when we pass from this life, and we will live forever with Him, free of pain and suffering and sorrow.