Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So my cold (or whatever it may be) did affect lung function, it's down by 5% to 94% :-( Also feels kind of like my cold keeps on coming back in terms of nose and throat. UUGGGHHHH so frustrating. Because of the drop in LF I have to have a few tests done... did CT scan, sputum and additional bloods (did normal bloods on Sunday and they were all normal) yesterday. Today I have to go for barium swallow to test for reflux (been having some heartburn) and tomorrow my first ever biopsy/bronch post transplant! Eeeekkkk. These days they do the biopsies a lot more often on the newly transplanted guys at 3-monthly intervals but "back in my day" it was only done when needed. Will update as soon as I have have any test results back, should definitely hear about the bloods. Praying they find what's wrong and that it can be fixed soon!


CFHusband said...

Tricia has had a bronch every 3 months since her transplant....that's pretty common in the states.

Anonymous said...

Praying for nothing but good news from your testing.

San Diego, CA

Anonymous said...

Sending healing thoughts Alice

Bubbie1 said...

Stay strong and know that GOD has you in the very palm of his almighty hand . For it is in the valley when he draws near to us and his spirit is ever present .