Saturday, June 2, 2012

some rejections :-(

What a CRAP week... So the verdict is some early spotted acute rejection. But back to Wednesday... Barium Swallow test was gross. Had to drink what tasted like paint-cement-chalk mixture. Wanted to throw up. They then x-ray you while drinking it. Standing up and tilted. Test results showed no serious reflux but might still have some. Bloods were fine. Then bronch was done on Thursday. Was not bad at all. Was home by Thursday early evening. Went to work on Friday (although did feel a bit out-of-it but kept my mind busy.) At about 15h45 Dr Williams called saying he managed to get results back early and it's some bit of rejection :-( Luckily caught early. Finished up work, drove home packed my stuff and it was off to hosp.

Timing was perfect because Dr W was busy with his ward rounds when I got there and saw him immediately. He also put drip in for me and said not to freak out because they're just being prudent and all should be fine etc etc...Of course until I do follow up lung function on Monday and lung func back to normal I won't feel completely at rest. Getting treated with 1,000 mg of Solumedrol twice a day (and some antibiotics) for 3 days... depending on Monday's results. Going to look like puffer fish soon! Hospital hasn't been too bad so far. Seeing that last night makes night 18 spent in hosp post transplant like EVER... I'm not really used to it. Been having lots of visitors and keeping busy!

So... hope to be updating with with good news on Monday. Please pray for good results!!!


Kelly said...

Thinking of you and hoping the heavy duty meds do the trick and beat the rejection quickly. Take care x

Anonymous said...

You are in good hands Alice, and I know you have strength and pluck.
Love to you.