Saturday, June 23, 2012

53 months

Had a good week. Tuesday I went to gym, Wednesday I was domestic, going to pharmacy buying groceries, doing laundry etc! Thursday evening a good friend of mine from PE landed in JHB (she's en route to Dubai and Thailand) so we went out for supper at Gourmet Garage with Andrew and Brendan. It was sooo nice catching up. Only problem was that we had supper pretty late (and it was a BIG supper!) So when we finally got to bed I couldn't fall asleep and had some reflux :-( Felt like food kept on pushing up as soon as I lay down. It was so annoying and worrying that I ended up not sleeping at all that night :-( Friday night we went out again but at least this time I'd learned my lesson and had a small meal, and much earlier that the previous night. Didn't have any problems again so at least now I know.

This morning I made us bacon & french toast with maple syrup for breakfast before taking Ditha to the airport. Afterwards I went to a transplant network meeting which was really nice and then gym. So all in all a good weekend so far too! Having lunch at my folks' place tomorrow and before that I'm helping out at Gauteng Transplant Sports' first ever Golf Day! Looking forward to it!

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