Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess who qualified???!!!???!!!

Yay!!!! If all goes well I'm going to Sweden!!!!! Qualified for the squash (quite suprised, played a crap game while the score-keepers were watching and was quite irritated with myself), and the race-walk (qualifying time was pushed up to 26min, 30 secs, and I managed to do it in 26 mins 31 secs! Last year we could do it in 27 mins 30 secs and still qualify. Luckily they put me through even though I was 1 sec too slow!) Also practically qualified for long jump - it was one of my "fun" events. Had to jump 3m, and managed to do that on my last jump out of the 6! Really enjoyed the long jump though! The weather was just REALLY hot... Saturday after the long jump when we left the track Chris's car measured the temp as 39 degrees C! Pretty sure it'll be cooler in Sweden next year, hope so!!!!! Would have definitely performed better if it was a bit cooler.
The Gala Dinner on Sat evening was great too. My Dr, Paul was the guest speaker and did a great job. Food was great and then everyone got a medal for participating, and if you qualified you got a gold medal as well. Evening ended with a nice massive thunderstorm to relieve the heat! Posted some pics above that were taken at the Gala dinner.

Today was back to work... My legs are so stiff though!!!!!!!!!!! And my right arm a bit, but more the legs. SO skipped gym tonight (deserve a night off after gymming so much lately!). Tomorrow night is Organ Donor Foundation meeting, looking forward to that! Also can't wait for the end of next week, 2 close PE friends coming up to visit then!
Anyway, have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Well done Alice!!!

Kim in Canada

amore said...

Baie geluk :-)

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HArmstrong said...

ahh that is so awesome alice! i just got a lung transplant. can't wait till i can try out for the games! you go girl!