Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last weekend for October

October's ending at last! Feels like it's been going on forever, although at the same time I can't believe we've reached November!!!! This morning I did some gardening (will post more garden pics soon!) and cleaning while Chris was at work. This afternoon we're having a farewell for good friends emigrating to Australia at our place.... very sad that they're leaving!

Thursday evening I went to visit a friend in hospital again, Gail, and the were 2 other CFers admitted. One post transplant and one pre. So the 4 of us ended up hanging out in the same room (with masks) chatting! I realised afterwards I've never been in a room with 3 other CF people before! Wow, was really nice.

Went for bloods yesterday morning, have my 3-monthly check-up on Wednesday. Don't know how some transplant patients only go for yearly or even 6-monthly check-ups, I'd never make it! I get anxious already if it's been 2 months since I did a lung function test! So that'll be nice to have some peace of mind again.

Not much else to report on, hope you have a good weekend too!

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