Sunday, July 27, 2014

8 km walk done!

I survived the 8km Discovery Walk the Talk! Yay! Had to slow down with uphill but at least didn't have to stop once. It was litterally FREEZING at the start (zero degrees C) and we were dressed like eskimo's. Legs pretty sore now as it's also a long walk from the parking to the race so we did at least 10-11km. And haven't been in the gym as much as I need to! My lung function is exactly half of what it was the last time I did this walk in 2010. It was 104% back then (thanks blog!) and is 52% now. At least I COULD still do it, and hopefully I can again next year.

Last night we celebrated my sister's 27th birthday by having supper at Grand Central in Melrose arch. One of my favourite restaurants and it didn't disappoint. So a pretty good weekend.

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