Friday, July 4, 2014

sick... bleh

So after a few days of being around some pretty sick people at work, the expected happened and I got sick too. Surprise surprise... wish sick people didn't go to work, but that's a battle I'll never win. Went to work yesterday despite feeling like crap, it got worse during the day and ended up seeing my Dr last night at the hosp in casualty. Felt like my head was going to explode with pain and misery, sore body and snot everywhere (sorry!)

Looks like I have flu, so they did bloods and a nasal swab, and in the meantime I have started with Tamiflu. Also got some pain pills and nasal spray, so at least I slept very well last night! I was booked off from work today, and depending on the results of swab and bloods I might be able to go back on Monday. Really hope so as it's month end and reports need to be submitted on Monday! Luckily I still have the weekend to rest too.

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