Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pretty good lungaversary check-up

Tuesday's check-up on my 6 year 6 months lungaversary went well. Lungfunction was 52% FEV1 and 95% FVC (capacity). So all in all a 1% drop in 2 months... not bad. Rest was all good. Best part was that my friend Fawn was also there for check-up which made the hours and hours of waiting (hopefully Dr doesn't read this LOL) a lot better. Seems thus far that the photopheresis worked ... if lungs stay stable like they seem to be. Next check-up is 28 Aug... 3 days before I turn 30! Can't believe I'm facing my last month as a 20-something year old. Amazing and a bit surreal.

This weekend we celebrate my little sister's 27th birthday (on 29th of Jul) and I'm also doing a 8km Discover Walk the Talk.... My lungs will probably hate the uphill... but will just slow down for those. Also hoping to train for the Nationals with the coach from next week (will be doing shot-put and discus) as it's getting closer!

Have a good weekend.

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