Monday, March 11, 2013

One New Years Resolution down!

I finished a 10km fun run! Walked most of it but finished in abt 90 mins and that was the aim! The rest of the weekend was chilled, needed to rest a bit before and after the race due to crazy week of month-end a lots of gym! Did see a very good show on Friday night though called Don't dress for dinner which was a great start to the weekend.
Also had bloods done and an x-ray for my appointment that was going to be on Friday but it's been post-poned till the 4th of April so still a while... did manage to see Fawn! She is doing great and it was so nice seeing her.
Just 6 working days left till our holiday.... CAN'T WAIT!!! Below is naughty kitty hiding... who can be mad at that face???

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