Thursday, November 22, 2012

4 years 10 months

Yup it's the 22nd again! Another month closer to the big 5 years!!!! Highlight of the day... PASTA. first solid food in 15 days. Not the biggest pasta fan (had too much of it growing up I think) but this was GREAT.

Pain-wise tummy is doing well. Not really sore at all anymore just uncomfortable. Lower back ribs on the right side is rather painfull when I breathe in deeply though. I think I pulled a muscle or something, but right now that's a lot more irritating than the tummy.

Work has been very rough this week in that it's been SOOO draining and haven't been sleeping very well. CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND. Will be being a bit more social :-) Really need some fun in my life right now.

Below is my Peppie cat chilling next to me :-)

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