Thursday, November 1, 2012

PH and doctors

This week has been FILLED with Doctors and tests. On Sunday I had bloods done for Monday's lung check-up. Monday's check up was OK, bloods were all fine, but lung function dropped a bit to 95% (probably due to reflux but PH probe test will confirm that).

Tuesday I went to have PH probe (goes through nose down to stomach) insterted after work (was horribly uncomfortable and crap). Wednesday I had to go to work with the probe in (tried to stay at my desk!!!) and at 18:00 probe came out again. Tried to eat as much heartburn-inducing foods as possible in the 24 hours even though swallowing was quite hard with the pipe going down my throat. After the 24 hours throat was pretty damn sore, but did have some heartburn at least, and when the Dr looked at the results on her PC she saw I definitely have reflux issues. So relieved seeing as the gastroscopy and barium swallows were all normal. Thought I was going to be needing another Dr, this time for mental issues!

The reflux Doc still has to send the report to my lung Doc, so still waiting to hear what the plan of action will be. Hate waiting... not my strong point! Hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow. Time for this heartburn nightmare to end!

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