Monday, November 12, 2012


I'm home! Got discharged yesterday, a day later than expected due to pain. The surgery went well, lung Dr and surgeon was happy. Spent the one night in ICU as expected, survived it at least, bed-pans and all! All in all everything went as planned, except for the amount of pain I am/was in! On Friday it felt worse than after my transplant. Really didn't expect it to be so sore. Also didn't realise I'll have to be off from work for so long... I expected a week, and seems like it'll be double that! So far I've been coping with the liquid diet, but already craving some solid food, esp meat. Am considering bleding up some fries with salt and vinegar to get the chips taste!

Hoping the reflux will be gone forever now... had some pretty mixed up food today (coffee, tea, custard, butternut soup, ensure and chocolate melted in my mouth) and no heartburn so far... good sign I guess!


Kelly said...

Great news it went well and that you're home. Hope the pain abates very soon. Some kitty cuddles will help, I'm sure!!

Alice said...