Sunday, November 25, 2012


Weekend was nice, probably the best in a while. Yesterday a friend and I went for a pedicure which was GREAT, they even had a masaging chair which is just what my back ordered! Also went for lunch and I ate the BEST food I've had since Nov7... Gnocci in pesto cream sauce and mint lemonade which was FANTASTIC even though I eat really slowly with all the chewing and I get full really quickly. Also had some soft lasagne in the evening.

This morning was the annual CF Walk and it was nice to walk the 5km with Aviva. Most exercise I've done in a while and made me miss gym even more! At least in 2 weeks time I will definitely be back at the gym even if it's just for walking on treadmill and cycling or so. We had brunch afterwards and I had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (VERY nice). Had coffee with my parents in the afternoon too. Only problem with the weekend (and whole of last week) has been lack of sleep. It's simmilar to the time after my tx when I also couldn't lie on my tummy and had to try and fall asleep on my back/sides. No idea why this is so hard for me!!! And trying not to drink half a sleeping pill EVERY night but will have to take it again tonight seeing as I slept about 8 hours IN TOTAL this whole weekend :-( Let's hope today's walk helped as well. Otherwise this week will be SUPER long.


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