Thursday, November 15, 2012

1 week with the altered insides

So glad it's not a week ago when I was in theatre!!!! Waking up was not fun. And at least the worst is over now. Pain a lot better but definitely still there. I have also been able to do some things around the house and thus feeling less useless. Still hoping to be back at work by Monday.

The eating is going OK, surviving on soup (thanks mom), custand, jelly, Ensure and ice-cream. Missing my meat but hoping next week I can have mashed potato at least. Have definitely lost some weight but no idea how much. Will only find out once I put foot in the gym again! Hopefully it won't be tooooo long until that happens either!

The pic below is the amazing flowers that Chris' work sent to me while I was in hospital. So thoughtfull of them and they are seriously looking prettier every day!

PS, almost forgot to mention the most important bit... NO HEARTBURN YET SO FAR!!!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flowers! Good luck on your continue recovery and staying heartburn-free!