Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back to work, back to reality!

So tomorrow I'm going back to work! Pain so much better, yay. Tried driving again yesterday and it went fine. So it's all systems go. On Tuesday I see the surgeon again for a check-up and a bit of a Q&A session regarding what exactly I can and cannot eat, when I can gym again etc. Also keen to hear what the final PH probe report said, seeing as apparently the patient is not allowed to get the report, but will rather not go into that right now... lots of financial and just plain irritating medical frustrations going on!

Hoping that by the end of the week my life will be back to nomal and that gym will follow soon after. Feels like the lungs are begging for a good work-out. Wish me luck for tomorrow, could already see mail mailbox at work is FULL!

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