Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surgery on Thursday: Nissen Fundoplication

So FINALLY something is being done to fix my reflux. Having the Nissen surgery on Thursday. Very nervous but relieved. Scared that it will be very painfull afterwards, hope that's not the case. The surgeon said I should be in hosp for 2 nights, of which the first will have to be in ICU :-(

The worst part of recovery will be 6-8 weeks of no eating solid food. Need to learn how to make soup asap!!! Also bought a blender today...



Jac said...

38I had this surgery a few years back and my lung function went up afterwards! It wasn't too sore afterwards but was difficult to follow the diet! I ate a lot of soup and custard haha. Although I could eat crisps etc because once you crunch them in your mouth they are ok to swallow. Same for chocolate - let it melt in mouth :-) meat, rice, bread etc took a while before could eat them.

Anonymous said...

all the best alice.
i have swallowing issues due to muscular dystrophy. sometimes i use the coffee grinder part of my blender. cauliflower and chicken curry blend well in it.

also soft butternut doesn't need blending.

pronutro, future-life cereals i have too.

i dip biscuits in tea to soften them.

keep strong - and keep your jaw and chewing strong.