Thursday, January 14, 2010

Going home!!!

My hospital stay was 1 day longer than I had hoped for, but that's fine, I want them to look after me properly! Waiting for Chris now to come fetch me, and spend a relaxing afternoon resting. I'm booked off work till Monday. So what was the final diagnoses? INFECTION. Who knows where or what, as long as it's not in the lungs I don't really care WHERE it is. And it responded to antibiotics. That's all that matters.

Next week is going to be crazy at work, as I have a deadline on Wednesday, and being sick has kind of screwed that up a bit, but not much I can do about that! Except be thankful it wasn't something more serious!

Thanks for all the prayers!


Anonymous said...

So bly dit gaan goed; nou moet jy net goed rus.

Bree said...

Glad you're ok hun and that you have a lovely fiance to support you!!!