Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday and 39 months

Today 39 months ago my body was saved and thousands of years ago my soul :-) Had a quiet day, church this morning, and spend most of the rest of the day with my parents. At home now doing some house-wifey stuff! Poor Chris has been working the whole day, hopefully he'll be home soon. We're fetching my sis and Pierre (her boyfriend) at the airport tonight, going to be the best part of my day seeing my sis again!!! Haven't seen her since Christmas.

It's a SUPER long weekend, only back at work on Tuesday, and then Wednesday's a holiday again, so only 3 working days :-) And (touch wood) quiet working days at that! Tomorrow my mom, sister and I might go do some shopping, and tomorrow night we'll be celebrating my sister and mom's degrees, Pierre's birthday, my lungaversary and a few others! Will be taking some pics!!!

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