Sunday, February 26, 2012

Holiday report-back

OK OK I know we've been back for a week already! At least I posted photo's :-) Our week off was very nice... Jansenville was nostalgic. I took Chris to my grandparents old farm, where we spend many a weekend as children. It was probably my last time on the farm too, as it's been sold now :-( Took a lot of pics, that I'll still post later.

Storms River Mouth was heaven as always. Still my favourite place in the world. Just the smell there makes me relax instantly. If only I could bottle it and take a sniff every time a Dr wants to take my blood pressure. Did a lot of hiking and relaxing, the two days went WAY too fast!

On Thursday we went to PE for the wedding. That evening we had a kitchen tea/bachelorette party for Chrislie. Was lots of fun, and she got some great gifts!!!! Friday was BUSY BUSY BUSY, picking up flowers, taking stuff to the hotel, having our nails done, driving between malls looking for a specific lipstick, helping with the flower arrangements, supper with family... On the Saturday we were up at 5h30, had to be at the hairdressers by 7AM, had make-up done there too. The ceremony started at 11AM, followed by photo's, and lunch was served at 14h00. Was a great afternoon, I think we only left the venue after 19h00. Went out for a pizza with Antoinette afterwards and collapsed in bed! On Sunday we caught up with some friends and sorted out my sister and her new hubby's flat for them a bit. Drove back to JHB on Monday...

Work was fine at least last week, 4-day weeks are great! This coming week's going to be full-steam rat-race again. Seeing dermatologist on Monday, and having my 3-monthly lung check up on Wednesday. Then Thursday and Friday at work is going to be crazy due to month end. So by next weekend I will have forgotten I even HAD a holiday :-)

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