Monday, April 9, 2012

Bad things always happen in 3's...

So this week the CF community lost 3 of it's angels... Judette (28), Dominique (22) and Schamone (19). Dominique and Schamone were both waiting for lungs. It's really terribly sad and could have possibly been prevented if more people were donors. I cannot imagine what their families must be going through :-( Thoughts are with them... really SUCKS

Easter weekend has been quiet. Went to church, did a bit of gardening for the last time before winter. Sorted out some stuff in the house, went to gym, caught up on admin etc. My parents are back from their trip down to my grandparents today so we'll be havng lunch at their place. Also playing squash this afternoon. So all in all a productive weekend I guess.

In 2 weeks and a bit we're setting off on a family holiday to Mapungubwe and Botswana for 6 days! Really starting to get excited for it. Will also be the first time my sis and her husband come along as a "married couple" - going to be great spending some time with them too. Will have to take malaria tablets for our trip just to be on the safe side... luckily it's not a high risk area and won't be summer either.

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Sien baie uit na ons kuier saam!!