Sunday, December 9, 2012

1 month post op

So yesterday was a month since surgery, definitely a month I don't want to repeat! Can pretty much eat everything now, just smaller portions and I take long to eat as everything needs to be chewed for ages. Had yummy Sunday Lunch at my folks' place today and ate too much, still feeling very full and need to go to gym! Might have to skip the running at gym...

This weekend's been good, had a haircut today, went to a friend's baby shower yesterday and sorted out some bank-admin stuffs in the morning. This week should hopefully be the last busy week at work for this month. Hoping that the rest of the month will be a bit more "relaxed"!

I've also sent out invitations to my 5-year lungaversary party, getting very excited for that! And my blog turns 5 this week!!!

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