Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Biopsy again :-(

Lungfunction down ... again. Only blew FEV1% of 75% yesterday. Didn't even go for proper check-up, just wanted to chat to Dr about changing some meds, and got this nasty suprise. Two weeks ago it was 82%. A year ago it was 100% :-( No answers as to why it dropped apart from possible some reflux damage but that was fixed months ago. Having biopsy tomorrow, HOPING this time it will have some answers. And that this won't affect my participation in the Games. Not happy :-(

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Kelly said...


A positive is that it has been picked up incidentally and is getting investigated before it becomes symptomatic. Hopefully a reason can be found and treatment to help improve it so you're back on top form very soon.

Hope the bronch goes okay.