Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Update on rejection and anxiety issues

So what's been happening on the lung-front? Well in terms of the photopheresis I'm still waiting for my medical aid to approve the treatment. I called them yesterday to follow up and turns out it could take up to 7 working days :-( I really hoped that I would be able to start treatment this week but that's not happening obviously. Please pray/cross fingers that I'll at least get approval this week still so that I can start next week.

I also went to see a psychiatrist regarding anxiety problems I've been having. My lung Dr has been suggesting this since Jan but I've been ignoring it/ brushing it to the side as I didn't feel that it was neccessary. However in the last few weeks (especially since lung function started dropping) I've been having episodes where I feel like I can't breathe and my heart-rate increases quite a lot. ESPECIALLY when I get into the lung function machine, and sometimes even at gym and often at night when trying to sleep. So it's a little bit of a Catch 22 as well, as anxiety could affect lung function and dropping lung function makes me anxious!

So in summary I'm being treated for chronic rejection AND anxiety and hopefully lung function will come right again or stabilize (I'm not strugling to breathe - apart from when I get panic attacks or run really fast - and can gym and work etc as I have always done so even if lung function just stabilises it would be fine). I started the anxiety meds on Monday and am already feeling better and had great gym session today, so feeling hopefull that this whole situation will sort itself out eventually!

Trying just to focus on the Games though, as it's going to be GREAT, and will probably be my last holiday/break for a LONG time, as the photopheresis will be eating up all my leave.... sick leave and annual!


Lourdes Moss said...

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

dink baie aan jou, Allie!


Anonymous said...

Any way you can also see a counselor/psychologist to have cognitive behavioral therapy as part of your treatment plan? I have serious anxiety about my illness too and it is so helpful to talk about and worth through it with my amazing counselor (in addition to meds which also seem to really help).


Alice said...

Luckily we do have a transplant psycologist who is awesome so yes need to see her! said...

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