Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weekend, check-up and feeling meh

Had a great weekend... supper at my friend Andrew's place on Friday eve, and on Sat we swam at his place and had a braai (BBQ). Had supper with parents on Sunday and went to church. So all in all a great weekend.

Check up and lung functions went great on Monday. Lung function stable and bloods/x-rays were normal. Yesterday's photo was also fine. The plan seems to be that from April onwards I will be going once a month. However since Monday eve I have been feeling nauseous and slightly feverish. Bloods were all fine when they tested it yesterday but still not feeling great. Left work early today and trying to relax now. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be better! Or at least worse so that I can do something about it instead if being in sick-limbo like this!

The sunrise pic below I took on my way to work this morning!

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