Thursday, September 29, 2016


The drive down from Mopani to Skukuza was one of the highlights of the trip. We had an absolutely amazing leopard sighting (see post with all the pics). After that we spotted ANOTHER leopard (well actually another car did... they had a passenger with AMAZING eyesight!) on the bank of a river. Then, when we were about 15 mins away from Skukuza we saw the most amazing thing I've ever seen possibly IN MY LIFE.... an entire litter of lion cubs feasting on a buffalo, with their mom sleeping on the side. It was magical.... but they are very strict with the gate times and we had to be in 18:00!!! I could have watched them for hours but we only had about 10 mins :-( I will never forget it though. I HAVE to post some of those pics again... the ultimate cat-lady experience! The quality of the pics aren't all great, because the sun was setting and still getting used to new camera, and lots of grass in the way, but you get the just of it.

When we arrived there we just unpacked and went to the restaurant to bask in the glory of what we just saw, Our accommodation was MASSIVE,,, It was the only option with more than one bathroom, so we couldn't really go smaller! there were like 5 bedrooms, right on the river! Was amazing although we felt a little less cozy than Mopani. The weather was also rather chilly for September and we didn't pack enough warm clothes.

We did a sunset drive and a sunrise drive, but we forfeited the night drive on the last night, as we were just too cold and tired.So we stayed inside and had some gin and tonics rather! And went to bed early! In hindsight we should have gone on our own 06:00 morning drives, it seems like you see the most cats at that time and sunset.After 3 nights there we headed back to Joburg,,,

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