Saturday, October 28, 2017

Catch Up!

So October is almost done! What's been happening? Quite a bit but also nothing at the same time. Adriaan was Christened last Sunday. The whole weekend basically revolved around that, with Pierre's family being here from PE. I got to carry him into the church, so that was really special for me.

It was also 9 years and 9 months with the lungs, whoo hoo. Had a good Dr's visit on Thursday. Lungs stable, weight great, infection count super low (CRP was 3!), all the other bloods good too. Had a gynae check-up as well since my last blog post, and all is great. (My medical history includes a lot of  not-great gynae check ups and procedures, so right now I need to see her every 4 months to make sure all is under control.) So it's all good news.

Joburg is really showing off right now with all the Jacaranda trees in bloom! I took these pics on Weds when I went for blood tests. The pictures don't even do it justice though, but it gives you an idea of how pretty it is. The weather has turned pretty freezing this weekend for some reason. I thought we were going to get a nice storm but it missed us completely, we just got the wind! We went to a very nice birthday party last night, and tonight we're just chilling with Chrislie, Pierre and Adriaan. So in summary, things are pretty good right now. The aim is to keep it this way!

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