Tuesday, May 1, 2018

6 Months with the new new lungs, and 2 AMAZING trips in the pipeline.

Can you believe it's been half a year since I became the incredibly blessed owner of these beautiful lungs??? Half a year of no more oxygen, of not worrying about the time left on my portable oxygen's battery. Half a year of no lung infections. No PICC lines for IV antibiotics, not having to keep my phone on 24/7, always WAITING. Half a year of no rejection in my lungs. Of getting stronger. Your personality starts coming back... you're not YOU when you struggle to breathe... "When you struggle to breathe, nothing else matters." Truest quote ever.

The biggest freedom of having your life back is being able to MAKE PLANS and TRAVEL again. It's what I missed most while being on the waiting list, and even before that. The last proper holiday we had was in 2015 when my lung function was 45% on a good day. It was 39% just a few weeks before that trip and I was freaking out. Luckily it bounced back a little again.

This year in contrast, is the YEAR OF TRAVEL!!!!! In 19 days' time Chris and I, along with Andrew, Brendan, Marius, Ditha and Riaan, will be flying to Mauritius!!! (It's an island close to Madagascar, if you didn't know. Very popular with South Africans). The idea originated last year. The deal was that if I get new lungs, we all go to Mauritius!!!! We stuck to it, and on 20 May we'll be flying out! We'll be staying in a resort called Riu Creole, in the South West of the island. (Picture of the resort below). Can't believe it's less than 3 weeks away!

Then, the most amazing trip planned is NEW YORK!!!! That one has been on my bucket list since I knew what a bucket list was! Ever since we watched Friends in high School, I have wanted to go there. Well, in 87 sleeps IT'S HAPPENING!!!! I'm dreaming about it at night already! Busy studying guidebook, starting to plan our days... we will be staying in an AirBNB apartment for 13 nights, and my Vitality Diamond status is FINALLY paying off, giving me a 35% discount on flights! Whoopwoop!

Last week my sis and I went to see The Sound of Music at Monte Casino. It was really great. I wasn't a big fan of the male lead, but the rest of the cast was brilliant.

On Sat morning my sis and I also went to the semi-annual Kamers event, where a lot of jewellery/ clothes/ arts/crafts makers get together in JHB. It was very nice, didn't get as much time there as we wanted to, but it's a blessing for my wallet! On Saturday afternoon Brendan, Marius, Andrew and us drove to Secunda to visit Cecile and Dean! It was very nice catching up with them... Secunda is REALLY not a great town though! Pretty depressing and full of air pollution! But it's always great catching up with Cecile and Dean and baby Ben!

Don't have much planned yet for the rest of the week. Need to get some meds, sort out some follow-up Dr's appointments, and hoping to shake off a tummy bug that I seem to have! Hope you had a great long-weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Exciting times coming up! Can't wait to read all about it! Enjoy it to the fullest!! You deserve it!!!
Sherry Boyle