Wednesday, July 18, 2018

National Transplant Games

A week ago I flew down to Port Elizabeth, my hometown, for the National Games. The highlight of the Games was undoubtedly seeing everyone again! I've been involved with Transplant Sport for 10 years this year (for which I was awarded Life Membership... see one of the pics below), and that makes you a part of the Transplant Sport Family. A family that shares in the triumphs and losses of the athletes and their families. I was very sad to miss the last National Games, especially as it was held in Joburg. 

We stayed in the Marine Protea Hotel... which is where my parents AND Chris and I had our wedding receptions (almost 3 decades apart obviously). When I was growing up we often ate at the buffet there for very special occasions. So I have very fond memories of that hotel. The first night in PE I spent with my friend since Primary School, Antoinette. We chatted and tied business cards to heart shaped lollipops for the Love Life; Gift Life awareness stand at Friday's Beach Walk, until the early hours of the morning. The Thursday eve was comprised of the Welcome and AGM, and reconnecting with everyone. I shared a room with a lovely lady from Pretoria!

On Friday it was squash.... 12 whole games of it! The altitude DEFINITELY helped me a lot, I would never have been able to play 12 games in such quick succession here in JHB. Some of the games were over quickly, but it still involved a lot of running.  All in all it was fantastic. I loved every second of it.

The athletics however didn't go as well as planned LOL. The weather was terrible (for being outside, but great for the drought!), and I ended up running quite a bit worse than here in JHB. So the altitude made no difference there!!! The track was so wet, and I don't have spikes, so I ran barefoot, which probably made me slower too. The important thing is that it was a lot of fun! I was the only female athlete doing this event, as the others withdrew due to being sick or injured, so at least I came first! The below article was in a local Eastern Cape newspaper today. If you understand Afrikaans you should be able to read it!

Saturday eve was the Gala Dinner, and Sunday we headed back home... Apart from the "bad" weather, this was one of the best Nationals' that I've attended in the last 10 years. The food was fantastic, the venues were great, everything was well organised. WELL DONE to everyone involved, I was very proud of the Eastern Cape! We will know later in the year if we've made the SA Team.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, Alice!! So great to see all the pics, especially the one of you running on the track and the video of you playing squash. Such a thrill to see you so healthy!!!

Sherry Boyle