Sunday, November 1, 2009


Wow October flew past!! In two months this time we'll be celebrating New Years Day! Had a great weekend again, Yesterday I had breakfast with Cristy, a friend from church. Went to visit Jolandi, who's doing great! She's just having some pshycological issues with leaving the oxygen behind, even though she doesn't need it anymore, but I know what it feels like and it's normal! She'll prob be going home this week.Last night I did a talk at the SA National Blood Services awards Dinner, which was very nice. Posting a pic here with a guy who's donated 350 units of blood!!!! Amazing...

Some sad news... an awesome girl, my age exactly, who got her lungs 3 months before I did in Canada and stars in the movie 65 red roses, has chronic rejection and is on the waiting list for a 2nd pair of lungs... REALLY hope she gets them! Check out her blog here:, it's beautiful and very inspiring.

Oh, and I managed to get my counter on again, yay! Almost @ 200,000 visitors!


65redroses said...

Thank you for the well wishes Alice! I remember reading your blog when Nate first linked to it way back! It's great to see you so healthy and full of life.
We've got to stick together! I'll let you know as soon as we're able to sell copies of the movie and I'll send one your way!
Much love!

Alice said...

Thanks Eva, would LOVE to get my hands on it! Thinking of you xxx