Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's my mom's birthday today! So wishing her a very happy birthday!!! Wish I was there, but will be seeing her on the 7th of July!!! She'll be coming up for a short visit and we'll do some final wedding shopping.

I failed my exam yesterday :-( BY 1 MARK!!! Got 68%, needed 70% to pass :-( Bleh... Oh well, doesn't bother me too much. Friends being so sick and passing away lately has put a stupid exam in perspective. Just a nuisance really.

So tomorrow is the start of the FIFA SOCCER WORLD CUP!!! Wow, time has really gone by... I still remember the day in 2004 when we got awarded the tournament... I was watching TV at my then-boyfriend's house, it it was quite exciting, but seemed SO FAR AWAY... Then they lauched this AIDS campaign, called "2010 - love to be there". Which I could relate to... not because I was at risk of getting AIDS, but because I was at risk of CF getting ME before 2010. And if it wasn't for my new lungies, CF would've gotten me in 2008 already. So it's 2010 AND I'M LOVING TO BE HERE!!!!!

The pic above was taken @ Sandton (3km from my work) yesterday when the SA team paraded through the streets. Magic vibe... For AWESOME pics see this website

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