Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend away!

So the exciting thing this weekend was that Chris and I went to Amanzimtoti, just outside Durban, so suprise Landi (she got her lungs in Oct last year) with a visit! Luckily no-one said anything so she was suprised! Was a very cool weekend and awesome to get away for a bit, even if it was WAY to short. Unfortunately the weather didn't really play along, it was either very windy or it rained, but at least it was WARMER than freezing Joburg!

We had a quater-caramel loaf on the beach (had to toss half of it because the wind blew too much sand onto it), had big yummy breakfasts every day, had some of her friends over for a braai on Saturday, visited Ushaka Marine World and had SPUR ribs! ALSO... something very cool: I managed to track down my grandparents' old holiday home... They sold it many years ago, and the last time I was there I was about 5 years old, but we didn't stay for long because my lungs didn't like the humudity. Was so strange seeing it again, as I remembered it vaguely, but when I saw it, it was like I suddenly remembered a lot more. Not quite sure how to explain it.

So all in all a successfull weekend. Monday's done but not feeling to excited about this week... Wedding stuff getting hectic again, less than 6 weeks to go!!!!! Hope you had a good weekend too!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Ek onthou daai plek ook, met die HUGE duine wat mens se voete brand!