Friday, May 20, 2011


About Bree: as far as I know she has been declared braindead, but even 3 days after the life support has been switched off she is (well was earlier today at least) still breathing, and that's still keeping her heart beating until it eventually stops. Because she's been declared braindead that doesn't mean there's any hope :-( Ironic how the new lungs is the last or the organs to be failing her. In her own words, she had "lungs of awesome". The internet is a lonelier place without her and I've been missing her since Feb when she last posted on her blog.

My sister is arriving in Joburg tonight, which is pretty awesome. She's just here for the weekend, but so excited! Got lots planned! Also just have 7 working days left with my current company. Interesting times.

Gymming and squash have been good this week. However there's some sick people at work again and in the pharmacy this afternoon a lady sneezed on me :-( Hopefully that flu shot I had kicks in and I don't get a cold AGAIN. Feel like shooting sick people who invade my space. Should get a banner saying " STAY THE *&^(*&)(*& AWAY IF YOU ARE SICK, THINK YOU MIGHT BE SICK OR HAVE BEEN SICK IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS" Guess that won't work in a pharmacy....bleh

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Waiting For Ling-Ling said...

Thank you for posting an update about Bree-I've followed you and her blog for a long time now. Funny how you think you "know" the people that open themselves up in the blogosphere. Feeling very sad- Can't imagine not reading one of her wonderfully honest posts.