Sunday, May 29, 2011

17 days.....

17 Days before we leave on a jet plane.... 19 days before the start of the Games. Gymming in full swing after the last cold. I swear if I get another cold I'll lose it. So pumping the Vit C, and going to try go get enough sleep, no late nights, avoid sick people... pray! Not much else I can do. Had a hair-cutt and colour yesterday, because we're going to be taking a lot of pics overseas and starting new job on Wednesday, so generally wanted a treat! Didn't do much else this weekend, went to a baby shower, saw my parents twice, gymmed twice. I'm ready for the week! And I'm going to ned the energy for the next 17 days...

To do list - by 15 June:

Finish off old job
Start new job
Have cats spayed
Buy enough cat food for while we're gone
Make sure cats and plants are cared for while we're gone
Get passports back with Shegen Visa
Get clothing for WTG
Organise to have my meds delivered early so I have enough for the trip
Go to the university's long jump pit to practise.

and my favourite...


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