Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To-do-list update:

Finish off old job DONE

Start new job DONE

Have cats spayed BOOKED FOR FRIDAY

Buy enough cat food for while we're gone DONE

Make sure cats and plants are cared for while we're gone DONE

Get passports back with Shegen Visa QUERIED AND IT'S EARLY NEXT WEEK...

Get clothing for WTG NEXT WEEK

Organise to have my meds delivered early so I have enough for the trip STILL NEED TO DO


Go to the university's long jump pit to practise. STILL NEED TO DO

OK so at least I'm getting somewhere! Today was the first day at my new job!!!!! Was definitely not disappointed! Did quite a bit, it's a fast paced company, just up my street :-) People all seemed very nice, the girl training me right now is very friendly and studied at the same university I did! Tomorrow will be a full day of orientation but should finish earlier so then I can definitely make it to gym in good time!

Last day at previous Co on Tuesday was a day of mixed emotions. Sad from a social point of view and relieved/excited in terms of work and career. Suppose it hasn't really set in that I'll never go back there again and sit at my old desk and chat to the girls. We'll have to organise supper-dates or something!

What else? This weekend is going to be rather busy. On Sat we're playing squash then going to Centurion for mini family reunion as my cousin Adam from New Zealand is in SA! On Sunday it's a very special friend's birthday lunch! Can't say what I got her for her birthday - she reads this blog, but let's hope the gift I ordered has arrived by then... it hasn't yet :-(

Don't have much else today, except that IN 2 WEEKS TIME WE'RE BOARDING!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PRAY that I don't get sick again before then, was exposed to a REALLY sick woman today in training :-(

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