Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ode to my grandfather

My grandfather (on Dad's side) passed away last night. He didn't have a long streched out sickbed, his heart simply started giving trouble on Friday and Tuesday he passed away at home. My gran passed away in October of 2006, and my grandad's has been missing her terribly ever since. I really hope they're together again now!

My grandad really loved my grandmother. They were married for almost 50 years before she passed away. In the 2 months that I worked at his business and stayed with him for 3 nights of the week, he told me their story almost every night. They were such a good example to al of us.

He was also a hard worker. At 84, he still went in to the office every day, and was never retired a day of his life. He got his degree while working after school, and his whole life was a testament of his hard work. What an inspiration!

He was extremely caring. When I struggled to get a job post transplant, he offered me a 3-day a week job in his company, even though they didn't really need me! It gave me a gradual start into the working world and gave me some financial assistance until such time as I got a permanent job. He was definitely also the most compassionate boss I've ever seen!

I'm sad that he's gone and don't quite comprehend yet that we won't be going to visit him in Pretoria again. He was very lonely in the last few years though, and his last remaining sibling passed away about 3 weeks ago too. So in a way I'm glad that's over for him.

Rest In Peace Oupa Thys

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful testimony to your grandfather. He must have been a lovely man.

I am sorry for you and your family but happy for him and your grandmother that they are together again.

Blessings to you and your family.

San Diego, CA